About Us

Magic Dog Dust is a labor of love that originated from a personal need for a quick and convenient solution to keep dogs clean and fresh. The product was born out of a collaboration between friends, with Dana initially creating the dry shampoo for her dog who was recovering from surgery and not allowed to take a bath. Together, they perfected the formula and decided to share this awesome product with busy dog owners everywhere.

VMei VMei is a small business that creates homemade base aroma essential products of exceptional quality, sourcing only the best ingredients and made with love. The founder has a degree in aromatherapy from Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and is also a licensed masseuse and aesthetician. Passionate about the benefits of essential oils, she believes that they have worked wonders in her own health, healing, and wellness journey, and are known to trigger powerful emotions that can help humans and dogs alike enjoy life. This all-natural dry shampoo for dogs is not meant to replace bathing and cleaning, but it is a quick and convenient solution for those in-between times when time is of the essence. It is specially formulated with baking soda, corn starch, organic lavender essential oil, organic sweet orange essential oil, and lots of love to provide a gentle yet effective solution for deodorizing, cleaning, and conditioning your dog's coat. Magic Dog Dust / Dry Shampoo Is the perfect solution for busy dog owners who want to keep their furry friends fresh and clean without compromising on quality or safety.

Now we added our favourite soap that we use and love, also great for gift giving .

Beloved Dogs!

Introducing our paw-some dry shampoo, specially formulated for dogs who love to play and get dirty! Inspired by three of the coolest dogs around - Jake, the veggie-loving mischief-maker, Bella, the joyous pup with a unique personality, and Chloe, the smart and sweet family dog - this product will have your pup looking and feeling their best in no time. No water or bath needed - simply apply and brush through for a clean and shiny coat! 🐶