Our Story

Welcome to the world of aromatic indulgence. At our soap and candle studio, we passionately craft unique products that bring the power of essential oils and fragrance oils into your everyday life. With a deep-rooted love for captivating scents, we have embarked on a journey to bring hand-crafted and artisanal creations directly to you.

This journey began at the prestigious Pacific Institute of Aromatheraphy in San Rafael, CA where we dedicated ourselves to mastering the art of blending essential oils and fragrance oils.

Now, armed with a degree and a wealth of knowledge, our mission is to create soaps and candles to elevate your sensory experience.

Scent holds a special place in our sense of well-being and pleasure. This realization has guided us in creating a unique line of soaps and candles.

We take great joy in curating the perfect combination of essential oils and fragrance oils to transport you to a realm of aromatic bliss.